David Martinez, Mallorcan designer with a lot of Rock N Roll

Last week we showed you one of the most special projects in which we have collaborated Can Rudayla and for its WOOU effect, we think we should put a face to the designer who gave us the opportunity to carry out the lighting design and give it that personality so marked and that makes it a luminous ode.

The Mallorcan designer David Martinez is responsible for creating Minimal Studio, an architecture and design studio where mixing ballet and Rock N Roll is something natural and curiously successful. His projects are spectacular, with their own character and a lot of personality. His transgressive and minimalist style is unmistakable, being able to recognize that we are in front of one of his excellent projects in any of the cases.

What do you like most about your job?

Conceptual freedom, the possibility of creating a concept or design of your own, therefore unique, to see it last and evolve over time. And that at the same time, it fulfills its functional purpose, whether it is its commercial or personal destiny.

Which professional in architecture or interior design, a world reference, would you like to collaborate with?

With Peter Marino without a doubt.

If you were a lamp, you'd be...

Toio de Flos.


Interview David Martinez, David Martinez, mallorquin designer with a lot of Rock N Roll, worldlight

In reference to CA'N RUDAYLA:

The challenge: 

To endow the same dwelling with several personalities in one.


What happens in Ibiza, stays in Ibiza.

How important is lighting for you in your projects?

It is essential, a connection is required between the available natural light and the subsequent light contribution. In addition, in our case, it has a great aesthetic importance, they are part of the initial design of the house, room or store, blending in with the rest of the decorative elements.

How does the lighting influence or how important is it in Ca'n Rudayla?

I would say that this has been the project of which we have been part, which has involved a greater complexity in terms of lighting. As the title itself mentions, it is an ''Ode to light''. The house has been endowed with different characters, from the purest room to a radicalized lighting environment, thanks to the adaptability of the luminaires used and the control and domotization of its elements. A perfect balance between delicacy and rawness. 50% Ballet & 50% Rock n Roll.

How was your collaboration with WorldLight?

It was as in the rest of the project, very agile and direct. In this project the Worldlight team played a fundamental role, advising and giving the correct guidelines so that the lighting project would fit the client's wishes and final design.

Why would you recommend Worldlight to other industry professionals?

For the capacity, experience and solvency in each and every one of the projects in which we have collaborated together. From the first moment Worldlight understood our philosophy and work methodology, providing us with great security when establishing professional collaborations.

Do you miss anything in our study? What would you improve?

Let them listen to Rock N Roll in their showroom / office.

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