We understand light as a key element in architecture and interior design projects. Having a studio specialized in lighting design will help to enhance your project and generate the ambiances and scenes desired by your client.

Lighting studio in Balearic Islands

Advice and design of lighting projects

Tu espacio merece un plan de iluminación profesional y adaptado a las necesidades del proyecto

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Housing and residential

We adapt to the specific needs of our clients, designing unique, personalized and comfortable environments. The lighting plan in homes must be meticulous, functional and decorative.

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Commercial Premises

Lighting is capable of influencing the mood of customers, so the study and design of lighting in commercial premises should not be left to chance.

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A good lighting plan is essential to create sumptuous, intimate and cozy environments that generate comfort and security for the client.



The lighting design in a hotel must take into account the type of guest visiting the hotel, the different rooms and the different times of the day to achieve a friendly and comfortable environment.

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Buildings and offices

Lighting in office buildings must take into account the power and effect of light on the mood of workers.

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We understand light as an integrating element of life, architecture and environment. The exterior lighting design is key to the final result.

We work with the highest quality and most efficient
lighting control systems of the highest quality and efficiency

Lighting Control

If you work in architecture or interior design we can collaborate and become your lighting partner.
collaborate and become your lighting partner.
Architects and decorators of international prestige already count on us.
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