Marga Comas, prestigious interior designer in Palma and director of her own studio Marga Comas Interior Design, commissioned us to study and design the lighting for a unique space, the Mallorca Air Handling terminal at Palma Airport.

According to Marga, it is a 285 m2 space. The updating work was carried out both in the office area and in the areas frequented by customers.

In the client area, we play with different ceiling heights, which gives us the opportunity to have different lighting fixtures in different areas, some indirect, others direct, etc..., all to enhance the different elements and achieve the desired atmosphere in each space.

The idea that generalizes the project was to make the client feel at home, comfortable, quiet, with intimacy. This intimacy and comfort is achieved thanks to the different materials and, of course, thanks to the lighting, which is one of the most important parts of a project to mark the warmth of the spaces.

We leave you with the images, some great pictures taken by Tomeu Canyellas, photographer specialized in Architecture.