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In Worldlight we go a step further and decided to give a better product, offering the customer control and home automation solutions for lighting. One of the products we use the most is Casambi. Casambi is a wireless intelligent lighting system based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) that allows to control lighting remotely through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Casambi is the only low energy wireless technology in all modern smartphones and tablets, making it the only conventional and future low power consumer radio technology in the world. One of the biggest attractions of this technology is how easy and intuitive it is to use its app and ecosystem. The ecosystem has an App for different operating systems that enhances its possibilities. Some of its main features are the following:


  • Lighting control: Allows you to control the intensity and color of light in real time, and to program customized lighting scenes and effects.
  • Group management: Allows luminaires to be grouped and controlled together or individually if desired.
  • Time scheduling: Allows programming the lighting to turn on and off automatically at certain times. It also allows to define a fully customized lighting schedule. In this way, Casambi allows automatic dimming at sunrise and sunset to regulate the luminance and adapt it to the required light characteristics.
  • Sensorization: Allows the integration of motion, light and temperature sensors to adapt the lighting to the needs of each space.
  • Animations: Casambi allows the creation of dynamic animations, varying tempo, duration, sequence and other parameters.
  • Integration with other systems - Casambi can integrate with other home and building automation systems, such as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Remote control: Casambi allows you to connect the system to an optional internet connection to be able to regulate all the lights, schedules, programming, scenes and much more from anywhere and without the need to be nearby.
Casambi Web Presentation