After almost 10 years taking care of the most special lighting in the Balearic Islands we have been able to put our light in many different buildings. We have tackled lighting design works in homes, restaurants, hotels, commercial premises and even gardens, streets and squares. Then there is a series of lighting projects linked to other categories, with special characteristics, which we have decided to catalog as Special Architecture where we put from old mansions to art galleries like this one of Galería Pelaires.

Here the lighting must be functional, there are no lighting pieces that stand out because the protagonism is taken by the art piece as a whole. A perfect and discreet game between indirect lights, ambient lighting and directed lighting. It seems that it is not there but it is the basis for the enjoyment of the exhibition.

If you have a special, different space where light has a fundamental role... do not hesitate to contact us because we will have it clear very quickly and we can put the best light to your idea.