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Our passion for design has made us go beyond lighting. Our premise is to offer you only what makes you different and after a long research and validation, we have achieved it!

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Cati is the professional in charge of guiding and accompanying you throughout the process of discovery, until you find that piece capable of creating a unique and original atmosphere, where everything makes sense and thanks to her you achieve that immersive and pleasant experience for every sense.

The difference is not in the small details but in the different details.

Whether you are an interior designer, decorator or individual, in Worldlight you will find unique and exclusive pieces to dress your home. Designer furniture, both indoor and outdoor, sofas, armchairs and armchairs, carpets and paintings or even scents and candles for the home. All this, high-end, items that escape from the usual, only for the most demanding. And don't miss out because we can also help you with decorative beach effect pools.

Indoor furniture

Unique environments

Our collection of unique products helps to create personal and pleasant spaces in which to live.

Lain Treku Armchair
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Outdoor furniture

outdoor design and resistance

Here we have focused on creating a catalog of outdoor furniture where design, functionality and quality stand out.

Sofas, chairs and armchairs

comfort, quality and design

Quality, design and durability characterize our collection of sofas, armchairs and armchairs. You will be able to make combinations to create an environment capable of generating emotions.

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The universe of carpets at your feet. Different styles and finishes will give personality to the rooms, in addition to generating warmth and comfort.


comfort, quality and design

One of our latest additions. Because although we love minimalism and plain walls, from time to time we appreciate a little bit of that warmth that brings those special decorative pieces in certain rooms.

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Fragrances and candles

Customization is a luxury within your reach

Smell, one of the most powerful senses, is that a smell is capable of staying in our memory, recognizing it and remembering it years later and taking us back to that moment when we experienced it for the first time.

Private beach

You may not have seen many, or yes, they are spectacular and you can design them for outdoor and indoor areas, with complements that make them unique and personalized to turn your home into a private paradise.

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