Marga Rotger 's project for the Blaucel nursery school is like a children's story full of light and color.

As Marga says, the idea was to represent a children's city, so we can see the representation of trees, swings and clouds. This way, when the children enter their school, it is as if they were walking through a small ideal city, with its parks, gardens and blue skies. For a moment, it's like entering a childhood dream. How beautiful!

Marga invited us to participate with the lighting design and the truth is that it was all very cool. Suddenly everything became a game. We applied cloud-shaped LED strips on the ceiling, we chose beautiful cloud-shaped lamps, we added light points and colorful lamps, it was a really nice job and the result... we love it, it was really cool!

Project: Marga Rotger

Lighting: World Light Estudio

Photography: Gori Salvá