Interview with Vero Montijano of Rimirim Design

We are with Vero Montijano, interior designer and founder of Rimirim, an interior design studio that offers global concepts approaching the aesthetics of the project from a base of comfort and practicality for its clients who will inhabit the different rooms.

Her adventure as an interior designer began in 2006 acting in interior design projects adapted to commercial premises, restaurants, offices and especially residential housing. Once consolidated and having achieved success in numerous works, she founded Rimirim Diseño Interior from where she continues to put her taste, style and excellence in new projects.

Interview with Vero Montijano, Interview with Vero Montijano of Rimirim Design, Worldlight | Professional Lighting Studio

What do you like most about your job?

How changeable each project can be.

To imagine the final result of something that is not yet seen, nor can it be intuited.

The magic that is...

Which professional in architecture or interior design, a world reference, would you like to collaborate with?

I have always liked Philippe Starck. He seems to me to be a person with an open mind, fun, and constantly changing. He is capable of creating furniture, kitchen utensils, boats, interiors of premises, homes, etc. He dares to do anything!

If you were a lamp, you'd be...

The Masai lamp by Davide Groppi. For its simple shape and because it does not attract attention and does not detract from the prominence of the spaces, but on the contrary, enhances the environments.

In reference to the FLAT BC project for which you entrusted us the study and lighting design. Describe briefly the characteristics of this house

Clients request the integral reform of an apartment of about 300m2 in Palma. The property consists of entrance hall, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry and service area. The property wants to escape from a classic style, and requests a more modern style, but at the same time that is cozy, elegant, comfortable and bright. 

After analyzing the needs, the reform and new distribution, the project focused on creating large, open and communicated spaces. To do this, most of the partitions were removed and wooden panels and shelves were created to divide the spaces, but without closing them. The kitchen, an important space in the reform, required that it could be closed. To gain natural light, a large glass sliding door was installed, which allows it to be closed but still allowing a view to the outside. When the door is open, it is hidden inside the wall and makes the kitchen is joined to the dining room space. On the ceilings, moldings with LED strips are created to highlight each space. 

The living area is divided into two areas. One to watch TV and the other as a room to read, have a drink after dinner, ... Each of these rooms has several types of lighting. This allows the client, depending on the moment, to choose a scene. In this case we have used tabletop luminaires, floor, ceiling and LED strips embedded in the ceiling or furniture. The lighting in this house takes a great importance, since the property has several works of art and we need through specific points of light, accentuate each work.

The challenge:

The biggest challenge was to ensure that the requested change of style met all expectations. It had to be elegant, cozy, with a modern design, take advantage of natural light and, where it did not reach, provide good artificial lighting.


In this particular project, we found that a luminaire we were considering (recessed rails), we could not place them continuous because behind the false ceiling we found some large beams that prevented us from embedding them. But, what at first seemed a problem, was solved in an easy and simple way thanks to the attention of the Worldlight team.

How important is lighting for you in your projects?

I believe that as well as a good distribution, a good lighting project and approach is very important.

How was your collaboration with WorldLight?

My collaboration has been and continues to be very good. Exceptional treatment.

Why would you recommend Worldlight to other industry professionals?

There is a close, professional treatment and there is a follow-up on site that helps at all times to ensure that the luminaire is installed correctly. They know how to recognize what you are looking for each project. They immediately know how to grasp your idea and speed up the work.


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