Technical solutions, light points and their function, decorative lamps and total control over the lighting scene. Get a lighting plan to match your project.

In Worldlight Estudio we are specialized in the study and design of lighting projects, both in indoor and outdoor environments. We are the perfect allies of interior designers, architects and decorators, but we also accompany you in the process if you are an individual.

Aportamos nuestro conocimiento técnico analizando los diferentes elementos lumínicos, su ubicación y la elección de los sistemas de iluminación perfectos para tu proyecto. Nuestra iluminación profesional causará efecto, pero sobre todo será funcional, otorgando diseño y confort.

You can count on our team for technical assistance, site visits and installation supervision for exterior and interior lighting projects. You will have all the documentation of our work where you can review and discover the plans and consumptions, but above all get an idea of the final result with our renders.

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We act in the residential sector making the difference in houses and homes, personalizing each room according to the life that will take place in it because the light gives us the opportunity to create the desired climate to delight our emotions.

The value of lighting in companies gains strength when the comfort of workers translates into the most optimal performance. As well as extolling specific spaces in commercial premises where light influences the behavior and purchase decision of those who visit us.

Lighting in the catering and hotel contract sector must be studied in detail so that customers get the best experience, the best memory. Every light, every detail, influences their well-being during their stay in the establishment.

In exteriors we face the challenge of maintaining the natural beauty, we must know how to play our cards very well to integrate and merge natural daylight with night lighting without losing the beauty and magic of the place.

Sometimes we face a special type of architecture where the study of lighting becomes a great challenge. Studying the lighting points of a spa, a gym or an art gallery is a meticulous task where the visitor's experience is our goal.