Interview with interior designer Marga Comas

On this occasion, the prestigious interior designer, Marga Comas, welcomes us to answer some questions and get to know her a little more in depth. For some years now she has been at the head of her own interior design studio. From Marga Comas Interior Design she develops personalized and close projects for her clients, individuals and developers of recognized trajectory. In addition to offering interior design and decoration projects, she works on redistribution and change of furniture, lighting, and integral reforms. Its work base, for which it stands out, is the personalization and closeness to each of its clients.

Interview with Marga Comas, Interview with interior designer Marga Comas, Worldlight | Professional Lighting Studio

What do you like most about your job?

I love to surprise the clients with what they like, that they are satisfied feeling that we have offered them exactly what they wanted without them knowing very well what they were looking for, in short, it is that they feel the space as their home from the first moment.

If you were a lamp, you'd be...

I am very particular about lamps, to be honest, but recently, thanks to some clients, I discovered a lamp that I did not know and that I found very special, it is the Aria lamp, designed by the architect Zaha Hadid, a reference in world architecture.

Which professional in architecture or interior design, a world reference, would you like to collaborate with?

Well, speaking of Zaha Hadid, I think she is a very good reference, collaborating with her is no longer possible, because she is no longer with us, but I would have loved to work with her, her professional career is impressive.

In reference to your Mallorcair Handling project:

It is a space of 285 m2, of which 43 m2 are offices, from Marga Comas Interior Design, we have reformed everything, both offices and customer area. In the client area, we have played with different ceiling heights, which has given us the opportunity to have different lights in different areas, some indirect, some direct, etc ... The idea that generalizes the project was to make the customer feel at home, comfortable, quiet, with privacy. We have achieved this intimacy and comfort thanks to the different materials and, of course, thanks to the lighting, which is one of the most important parts of a project to mark the warmth of the spaces. View Project

Interview with Marga Comas, Interview with interior designer Marga Comas, Worldlight | Professional Lighting StudioThe challenge:

To make the space, even though it is a transit space where many people gather at the same time, make the client feel at home, making them forget for a moment that they are in an airport terminal.

How important is lighting for you in your projects?

As I said before, I am very exaggerated with lighting, lighting is so important in a project that it becomes a priority issue for me. I think that bad lighting can ruin all the work done.

How does lighting influence or how important is lighting in Mallorca Handling?

In this case, the play of light begins on the floor itself, delimiting the various areas of the terminal with the lines of light on the pavement, and goes up to create each unique space. The lights delimit spaces, give us warmth to each particular part, and also unite the whole space. The lights really CREATE the spaces.

How was your collaboration with WorldLight?

Easy, whenever we have worked together it has always been very easy. And that is synonymous with tranquility and security. The World Light Estudio team is able to extract what we are looking for and translate it into their work, it is a pleasure to work with them.

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