Discover Ginger, a design wall lamp for the outdoors

Ginger Outdoor, a design by Joan Gaspar for Marset. This collection gives continuity to the Ginger collection and does so by moving to the exterior of buildings.

It is a wall lamp that pursues the perfection of geometry. Its round design is repeated becoming round and perfect twice. Very versatile, it can be installed individually or in a cluster and is an ideal lamp in corridors and small outdoor areas.

With this continuity of the collection, Ginger is presented in a 15 cm wall lamp, in a lantern and in small floor lamps. On the outside, it has an oxide finish, with a deep, warm glow. Inside, Ginger is white or black.

Ginger outdoor lamp by Marset, Discover Ginger, a design wall lamp for outdoors, Worldlight | Professional Lighting Studio

For lighting in corridors, a new version of the screen can be placed on the wall, projecting a contained downward light that avoids glare and illuminates only the path.

If you are looking for designer lamps in Mallorca contact our team, we are specialists in lighting design and we will find the best options depending on the decorative project.

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