How to generate emotions with Christmas lighting

Christmas is coming and with it the magic and illusion. It is an intimate time when what we like most is to be with our family, with our friends and to meet again with those people who come home like nougat. Christmas is a time of celebration, of meetings around a table in good company and a relaxed and familiar atmosphere, where every detail seems little to us: we decorate the tables and in them we show off our best dishes and pairings while we decorate the spaces for the occasion and, of course, we choose the right lighting to generate different sensations at every moment, as we like! 

If we think about the moment of receiving our guests, we have to think about an intense light, but at the same time comfortable. We must complete our lobby with decorative objects in orange tones because this color transmits joy, enthusiasm and vitality. You can place a point of light in orange or red on top of some low furniture that you have in the entrance or use a floor lamp. It's time to welcome your guests with a big smile, a few hugs and bring them inside your home.

Surely you will have some details to prepare and your guests can chat in your living room or join you in the kitchen. 

In the kitchen we will use a uniform lighting, it should allow us to see well what we are preparing. If we have a bar where our guests can rest their appetizers while they wait, we can use some type of warmer light that invites them to chat.

In the living room, near the sofas or the place to be chatting, we can place a lamp that changes color, between blue and green are ideal because they bring calm, confidence, tranquility and harmony. We must not forget that we have the perimeter light that, if it is adjustable, must have a medium intensity.

In the dining room, a lamp in the center of the table in purple tones that represents power, royalty and luxury. And that is really where we should give more strength because that is where we will enjoy, around a table full of delicacies.

We have come up with a series of lamps with which you can surprise your guests and generate different sensations by playing with the intensity and color that Christmas requires, and they are also ideal for the rest of the year! 

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