World Light visits Marset's facilities

In Worldlight Estudio we are committed to a close, personal and very human relationship, so we do not use a mere telephone contact or an email to generate a business relationship. For us it is very important to know all the links that unite the process of design and lighting studio. It is essential to know the manufacturers we work with, to discover the people who make those wonderful lamps possible and to soak up all the details. All that effort of personal rationing shows later in our work. When we select a lamp or introduce points of light in a project, it is something more. It's about added value, it's about involving emotions, that's what sets us apart!

Last week we made a trip to Barcelona with the intention of getting to know in depth the world of one of our favorite manufacturers. We were in the impressive facilities of Marset and the trip was a real blast from start to finish. We had a great time and we learned and discovered many interesting things!

In recent years, Marset has established itself as a young brand with international presence and vocation.

At Marset, they do more than just lamps. They take care of the light in its different nuances and effects to improve the quality of life of people.
The design in Marset is what differentiates them. Their motto: to leave a product that generates a beautiful light, with the maximum technical rigor, innovative, able to surprise, excite and that is lasting in time to contribute a grain of sand to a more sustainable world.

Through design, Marset tries to transmit its most essential values: good design, high quality, technological rigor, innovation, sustainability, durability and authenticity.

We leave you with the images of our trip.

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