World Light Deco opens its second decoration and furniture store in Algaida

Those of you who know us already know how much we love decoration and interior design. As a result of our commitment to always offer the most incredible details for your homes, we opened a few months ago our first store specializing in decorative items, lamps, household items and furniture. World Light is a lighting studio specialized in lighting projects for architecture and interior design projects. However, opening our first decoration store was also to give the opportunity to the individual to access special pieces: decoration, lamps, paintings, furniture, household goods and other items that make your home a unique space, personalized and with character.

After a few months of hard work and being able to observe the need and response of our customers we decided to open a new store, more central and with greater visibility, also in Algaida. Our second store is located in Calle Plaza, 15 and has had an incredible acceptance with its Mediterranean style. It is a place to find those decorative details that make the difference in every home. The raw materials from our own area taken to each space of the store.

Wicker baskets and boxes, indoor plants, tableware and kitchenware in Mediterranean tones, furniture, cushions and auxiliary furniture, lamps, pictures and vases, outdoor furniture. This is an example of the articles that you can find in our new store.

The World Light team has done a wonderful job and has left a beautiful store. We leave you some pictures of the store. We are super happy with the result!

We hope you liked it so much that it makes you come to visit us ;). We wait for you in Plaça Street, 15 in Algaida.

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