Meet the interior designer Marga Rotger

This week's protagonist is Marga Rotger, interior designer and director of Marga Rotger Interiorisme. We reserve some time to learn about her work in the Son March project and discover her essence as an interior designer. Her motto: "a job well done lasts over time".

Marga Rotger began her career as an interior designer in different studios and companies in the interior design sector. After a few years and having accumulated experience and reaped some successes, she decided to set up her own interior design studio. He was 30 years old and since then he has been leaving his essence in numerous projects, at the beginning smaller and nowadays bigger and more ambitious. In recent times he has even received and executed large hotel projects.

When asked about what she likes most about her work, her answer is clear "creating emotions for the client when they see the final result is a great reward for the work done" explains Marga.

Which professional in architecture or interior design, a world reference, would you like to collaborate with?

Patricia Urquiola

If you were a lamp, you'd be...

The "Basket" by Miguel Milà. It is a classic that, after so many years, lasts in time. That's how I like my work. That they last in time, and for that you have to work very well.

Tell us a little about the interior design and lighting project at Son March :

The company Fruites i Verdures Son March was founded more than 40 years ago and specializes in the distribution of fruit and vegetables for the hotel and catering sector. A few years ago they opened a greengrocer's shop for local customers. When the business expanded they moved to new facilities, a large warehouse at the entrance to Sa Pobla, inside which they decided to open a second store with more than 300m2 of exhibition. When commissioning the project I thought of transmitting a more modern and innovative image, fleeing from stereotypes and making a nod to tradition and the rural countryside, taking care of the small details that are the main protagonists of the project.

A modern and daring concept where the idea was to surprise the end customer. A nod to the past but with a very modern vision where materials and textures have been chosen that recall the work in the field and that is intended to revalue.

Hence the choice of hexagonal tiles as if it were a honeycomb, handmade clay tiles, a texture created on the wall that simulates the tilled earth, fabrics of Majorcan languages for the awnings, wooden stairs for the collection of figs etc ... all within a very modern context. The mustard color is the protagonist of the whole place that refers to the extraordinary sunlight that we have in Mallorca.

What was the objective of the change?

Uniting tradition and sustainability with an innovative and functional approach to highlight the product.

An anecdote you can tell us

I got my clients to accept the idea of incorporating a motorized tricycle "Vespacar" at the entrance of the store. I was looking for an element that would attract a lot of attention from the end customer. At first it was hard for them to accept the proposal but then they loved it. We spent months searching until we found a very old piece. It had to be completely restored, as it was in very bad condition. 

How was your collaboration with WorldLight?

Their help was essential. In the case of the fruit shop, we had to illuminate each area with a different power and color of light, since different shades were needed to emphasize and revalue the product on display. Their advice and experience can be seen in the final result of the project. I conveyed my ideas and they understood me perfectly. Their technical support and experience in the field of lighting was decisive to carry out this project. 

Why would you recommend Worldlight to other industry professionals?

For their advice and technical expertise. A well-lit interior design project is revalued, transmitting special sensations. In my projects I always try to work a lot with the theme of lighting to transmit that effect to the clients and that is why it is essential to have a good team to advise me.

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