Professional lighting design

When we are facing an architectural project or a work of interior design or decoration, one of the most important factors is the lighting or lighting design project and is that during the day we use different types of light and we need different lighting scenes depending on the activity that we are doing. The lighting design created for a house, commercial premises or any type of public building will be responsible for the success of the project.

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Who is in charge of the lighting design?

The lighting designer or lighting design is a professional profile with knowledge in design, decoration and above all with experience and knowledge about lighting. The person who designs the lighting project must have agility not only with the type of light or lamp but also with colors and textures. However, the most important thing is the sharpness of the lighting designer to imagine the space in movement, with life, with activity.

Normally architects, interior designers and decorators are qualified to carry out this type of work, however they are also the usual clients of a lighting studio, since with the help of professional lighting studios they also obtain technical knowledge, supply of luminaires and advice and follow-up during the process of the work or project.

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What does a team of lighting designers do for you?

It is important to know the best lighting studio so that the result of your lighting design is the most appropriate and complete. While it is true that luminaire manufacturers do their job very well, a professional lighting studio such as World Light estudio, is concerned about finding the best lighting solution in different brands and manufacturers.

The lighting studios that lead the market work with different brands and with the most important international manufacturers. This factor facilitates the success of the project because they are not limited to a single line but adapt to every need and use each manufacturer according to it.

Having the best lighting designers nearby gives you peace of mind, they will take care of finding the perfect solution for each space, scene or occasion. They are the ones who are at the forefront of trends, novelties and innovation and can offer the best in lighting for your home or project.

What is a professional lighting design?

Los diseñadores de iluminación harán un estudio previo analizando colores, texturas, luz natural y efectos que se quiere causar. Por otro lado, tendrán en cuenta las diferentes escenas que se puedan dar en una misma estancia para poder ajustar el proyecto de iluminación de una forma práctica, confortable y funcional pero sobre todo, que sea coherente con la estética del diseño de interiores o decoración.

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Del mismo modo, es importante que los diseñadores de iluminación elegidos estén capacitados para el asesoramiento en materia de control de iluminación. El mejor sistema de control de luz que podrás encontrar en World Light es Casambi y te aseguramos que es una maravilla y muy fácil de usar y gestionar. Este sistema de control de iluminación nos va a permitir crear diferentes escenas lumínicas dentro de una misma estancia, controlar la luz desde nuestro dispositivo móvil o control remoto y lo que es mejor aun, ahorrar en costes energéticos al optimizar el uso de la luz.

World Light's team of lighting designers is trained to help you with your lighting needs, but our studio can also offer you the supply of luminaires from the best manufacturers as well as a professional follow-up and advice at all times. Ask for a no obligation quote.

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