World Light Estudio captures the attention of the public at Mallorca Home Meeting with its Casambi lighting control system.



World Light, lighting studio in Palma de Mallorca participated last week in the Construction and Real Estate Fair, Mallorca Home Meeting. For its presentation to the sector it counted with the participation of Casambi and Lux Light and focused on exposing the most revolutionary in the field of lighting, the possibility of remote control via bluetooth the luminaires of a house, building or commercial premises from the mobile and with the opportunity to generate different lighting scenes in the same room.


This Casambi lighting control system allows you to have at your fingertips and at your convenience different lighting schedules that can be programmed by times and dates or simply activate them with a single click from your cell phone. Casambi is a control system that uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, a technology adapted to smartphones and tablets. Hence it is a revolution, it is the solution of the future in accesses where there can be no pre-installation of wiring. Until now we had heard about Dali, 01 or Push regulation. Casambi revolutionizes with this system because it can be applied to lighting and sensors but they are also working on actuators to be able to automate blinds, air conditioning, etc.. It would be like an advanced home automation.


Besides being a wireless system allows you to recreate and configure scenes having the possibility of having lighting scenes for each room depending on the time or day, also adjusting the intensity of illumination. It is a network system in which different devices can be connected, making it very interesting for hotels, hospitals and large buildings. All this with a security update system in very short periods of time, which makes it an effective, reliable and very safe system.


Currently, Casambi is a system that is being implemented by manufacturers so that their lamps already come with this option, but it can also be adapted in the case that they do not have it from the factory.


Visitors who came to the World Light stand could see in situ the operation of the Casambi system through a backlit canvas in which the luminaires were activated depending on the scene designed at any given time. In addition, the presentation of the project on the central stage, by Casambi, exposed in depth this control system, going into detail and even showing the wireless switches that are configured just by approaching the smartphone, as one of the most incredible and revolutionary innovations.


The World Light presentation was well attended and aroused a lot of curiosity, generating questions and interest in this innovative wireless lighting control system.


On the other hand, World Light had the opportunity to network with very interesting companies and received the visit of many clients interested in collaborating with the studio in their next projects.


It only remains for us to share with you the gallery of images and thank all those who visited our stand. We remain at your disposal to continue commenting on everything we can help you with.






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