Treku, the Fusion of Tradition and Contemporaneity in Furniture Design

In a bold step towards the expansion and embellishment of our new lighting design studio, we are pleased to announce the addition of outstanding high quality furniture pieces from the renowned international brand Treku. Founded in 1947 by Jesus Aldabaldetreku in Zarautz, a picturesque coastal town in the Basque Country with a rich naval tradition, Treku has evolved over the years while maintaining its commitment to excellence in the design and manufacture of contemporary furniture.

A Legacy of Boats and Furniture: Treku has its roots in the very history of Zarautz, where wood craftsmanship was passed down from generation to generation. In 1947, Jesús Aldabaldetreku, inspired by the region's naval tradition, opened his own carpentry shop. Amid the economic changes in the mid-19th century, the traditional shipyards gave way to a new era, and Treku adapted by transforming his craft of shipbuilding into the creation of luxury furniture. The town's fame spread from building fast whaling barges to making distinctive furniture.

Continuity and Evolution: Today, more than seventy years later, Treku is still a family business run by the third generation of Jesús Aldabaldetreku's direct descendants, Xabier and Gorka Aldabaldetreku. Despite the changes in time and design, Treku maintains the tenacity and craftsmanship tradition that have been the backbone of its success.

Artisanal Production and Environmental Commitment: Treku is distinguished by its focus on artisanal production and the use of natural wood veneer from responsibly managed forests (FSC). The selection and manual handling of wood are fundamental to the construction of its products. The company has a network of manufacturing partners that guarantee the best quality and service for its products.

Commitment to Unique Design: Treku's ambition is to create unique products that create personal and pleasant spaces at an affordable price. Its collection of products stands out for the fusion of functionality and form, bringing presence and delicacy to each object. These objects slide skillfully between the borderlines of modern and classic, elegant and fresh.

A Collection that Transforms Spaces: At our lighting design studio, we have carefully selected Treku pieces that complement our aesthetic vision. From bookshelves to sofas, Treku brings a unique dimension to the décor of our spaces, fusing functionality with contemporary elegance.

With Treku, we celebrate the union of history, craftsmanship and innovation in every corner of our studio, where light and design meet in a harmonious symphony.

Treku, the Fusion of Tradition and Contemporaneity in Furniture Design, Worldlight | Professional Lighting Studio


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