We love to show you the lighting projects we do. It is not always possible to show you images because of the category of houses in which our lighting designers work. This type of high standing homes are usually inhabited by people who demand privacy and we can not always show the final result. We take advantage of every opportunity and with the blue house we have had it, so here it is for you to enjoy this stunning home.

Construcciones Vidal is the company responsible for the execution of the works. They have done a magnificent job. Worldlight Estudio has been in charge of the project and lighting design and it has been a great honor for us.

It is a high standing house located in Bendinat Hill and as you can see it enjoys excellent sea views. Sober style and with excellent finishes where lighting has played an important role, creating atmospheres adapted to each space and with some decorative touches as in the access to the house, in the staircase or on the facade.

It has been a great pleasure to work on this project and we have enjoyed it very much.