This spectacular project by Minimal Studio is located in a special location, in a gorge on the magical island of Ibiza. Its volume is fully adaptive with the geometry of the terrain, as well as its cladding and exterior finishes.

The influence of natural light and the lighting project of this house, provide different skins to the same room, advancing in a soft and pure way with natural light, until reaching extreme chromatic, changing the character and appearance of the house at will.

Its influence and reflection in the monolithic of its interior, form a play of shadows that generate a unique and unrepeatable project. A luminous ode.

This Luminous Ode would not have been possible if we had not counted on one of the best manufacturers. Deltalight offered us versatility and a wide range of products. With Deltalight we had the possibility of lines of light in the ceiling crossing each other. We had to create spectacular effects that were a bit with the modern style and the festive environment that means to be located in Ibiza. It had to be pure lines, the lights had to blend in with the concrete ceilings and cause an effect. Deltalight fit perfectly with the needs of this project.

It has been a real pleasure to work on this project in which we have had to put our and develop our creativity to the maximum. The result is spectacular. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Photography: Art Sanchez