Discover the Elegance and Quality of Joquer in our Lighting and Interior Design Showroom.

In our constant quest to offer our customers exclusive pieces of the highest quality furniture, we are pleased to introduce the leading brand Joquer, a manufacturer and supplier specializing in sofas and armchairs. In our commitment to provide a unique interior design experience, we have carefully selected an exclusive collection of Joquer sofas and armchairs that reflect the perfect fusion of innovation and tradition.

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Innovation and Tradition since 1984: The Joquer Story

Founded in 1984 by Pedro Carretero as a small family business in Spain, Joquer has experienced remarkable growth since its humble beginnings. Six years after its founding, the brand began exporting to various European countries, marking the beginning of an international expansion.

In 1997, Joquer took a crucial step by initiating collaborations with external designers, but the real change came in 2012 when designer Mario Ruiz took over the creative direction of the brand. This milestone marked a before and after by charting a new strategic course and building a solid identity for Joquer through quality designs that combine modernity and traditional craftsmanship. Joquer's Mediterranean roots remain intact, and each product reflects the essence of this unique combination.

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Artisanal Production and Sustainable Rigor: Behind Every Joquer Piece

Located in the surroundings of the city of Barcelona, Joquer's factory has its own workshop that allows total control over the quality of materials and manufacturing processes. Production is only made to order, combining artisan and technological techniques.

The patterns of each product are precisely cut on a digital machine, following the measurements provided by the customer. Attention to detail continues with hand stitching that prevents fraying and ensures durability over time. Customization is key, as the pieces are upholstered according to customer preferences, resulting in unique products of the highest quality.

Commitment to Sustainability: Environmentally Conscious Design

For Joquer, sustainability is a key element from the design phase. The wood used comes from sustainable forests, and all manufacturing processes comply with strict environmental regulations. From the primer to the coating of the metal parts, every step is carried out with a sustainable approach.

The quality of the materials used guarantees an exceptional lifespan of the pieces, reaffirming Joquer's philosophy that the durability of good design is the most ecological value. Discover Joquer's elegance, quality and environmental commitment in our lighting and interior design showroom, where each piece tells a story of craftsmanship and style.


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